Dena Evans

Dena EvansDena Evans was a consummate point guard, who in terms of sheer physical stature, probably did more with less than just about any point guard who ever played the game. Only 5’4″ tall, Dena was named “Ms. Basketball” in the state of Texas as a high school senior and was a 3-time First Team All-State selection.

She then became a star at the University of Virginia, where she helped lead her teams to three NCAA Final Four appearances, three ACC Championships, and a 118-17 record during her four-year career. She was the MVP of the 1993 ACC tournament and an All-ACC selection. As the team’s starting point guard and team captain, Dena was voted the Best Point Guard in the nation and received the Frances P. Naismith award as the country’s top collegiate player under 5’8″. In 2002, Dena was named to the Atlantic Coast Conference’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Women’s Basketball Team.

Far from being a dumb jock, Dena accomplished as much scholastically as she did athletically. In 1993, she was a Rhodes Scholar Finalist while being named one of the Top Ten Scholar-Athletes in the nation and earning First Team Academic All-American honors. An economics major, she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was chosen to live on the University of Virginia’s prestigious Lawn during her final year as a student-athlete at UVa.

She then went on to play on USA Basketball teams and on professional teams in the United States (ABL and WNBA), Switzerland, and New Zealand.

Dena EvansAfter founding her own basketball school in Houston in 1999, she became the successor to the Point Guard College lineage that was started by her friend and mentor Dick DeVenzio when he died in 2001. She directed all the PGC sessions for seven years and now enjoys sharing the ownership and direction of PGC with Mano Watsa and the rest of the PGC Basketball team.

“Don’t be under the impression that it takes a male coach to teach the fundamentals of basketball. As an outstanding collegiate point guard and an experienced teacher of point guard play, Dena Evans’ PGC will greatly improve the play of any aspiring player—male or female. Her work habits and engaging personality are certain to inspire all campers.”

— John Wooden, Basketball Coach of the Century and winner of 10 NCAA championships at UCLA

“Dena Evans was the classic point guard. The first time I saw her play, I was amazed at how intelligent she was with and without the ball. Having the skills is one thing, and Dena had them all. But knowing how to use those skills is the key, and that’s what separated Dena from all the rest.”

— Geno Auriemma, Head Coach, USA’s Women’s Olympic Team

“Dena Evans was outstanding as a point guard at the University of Virginia. Her passion, attention to detail, and love for teaching has made Point Guard College a special place. I would recommend PGC for any player who wants to be the ultimate point guard.”

— Doug Collins, Head Coach, Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)

“I’ve known Dena Evans for 18 years. She was a tremendous player in a big-time program and is a passionate teacher of the game. I would highly recommend PGC to any male or female player who wants to take their game to the next level.’”

— Rick Carlisle, Head Coach, Dallas Mavericks (NBA)

“I have coached young men at the high school level for 35 years and have seldom felt so inspired. I found myself writing down virtually everything that Dena Evans said. The great player is truly a great teacher!”

— Tom Desotell,  Head Coach, Sheboygan (WI) North High School and former Director of the John Wooden Basketball School

“I think the world of Dena Evans and the Point Guard College.  Her teachings are both compassionate and intelligent and have had a huge positive influence on my son.  A point guard has to be a leader, and Dena’s teachings about leadership make as much sense in the business world as they do on the basketball court.  I can’t possibly speak highly enough about Dena and the program.”

Bruce Schultze, President, Pro Player Stadium, Miami, Florida

3 comments on “Dena Evans

  1. I truly love your videos and blog. I coach a girls high school team and look forward to using the info I learned from the videos this season. I also plan to recommend your camps next season. If you are ever in the state of Maine I would love to have you come and speak with my girls.

    • Hi Skip, Thrilled to hear that the blog is a good resource for you and your team – that’s what we are all about. I’m Emily and manage this site for Dena. Dena trained me starting in 7th grade and has continued to play a huge role in my life on and off the court, I am very fortunate! I actually live in Western Mass so if you’d like to connect with me more you can email me at Thanks again! Have a great season!

  2. Coach Evans, you are truly inspiring with your comments on preparation, controlling your thoughts and attention and thinking on the court and in life. I coach volleyball but we use your videos every year, not only for our athletes but us as coaches. In our recent championship, before the morning matches, our captain said to her team, ” no petty problems, embrace the challenge”.
    If you’re ever in New Jersey we would love to host you!
    Bill Lee – DIGS Volleyball Club

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