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    • Hi Deb, we are so happy that you, your staff, and your players are enjoying Keys To The Gym. Stay in touch and let us know what you’d like to hear about. MHS, like McKinney, Texas?

  1. Hey Emily. I’m a mom of a 10 yr old boy from the DFW area and I’m totally sold on keys to the gym and pgc. As a teacher free in the summer, my son and I spend a lot of time working on his skills. I’ve read “Stuff, Good Players Should Know” and watched just about all the videos you all have put out. Arrum, p dribbles and goldilock passes have become part of our daily vocabulary. We have even set up a 3 day /week routine with a friend who comes over and practices with us on shooting, ball handling and one-one competitions. We chart who wins each drill in chalk on the driveway and the boys get to write their name in the “chalk of fame”. ( it’ll hold until the next rain:)) Besides giving you accolades on y’all’s website, I’d like to ask you for advice. The boys are pretty even in the shooting drills we do, but our friend dominates the one on one competition because he is a little, taller, stronger and more naturally athletic. My son has a very difficult time getting a decent shot off and I don’t want him getting into the habit of taking “bad” shots because in a real game he should pass in those situations instead of shooting anyway. I’m thinking about stepping in and being a passer for both boys to give them another option when they get in trouble. Can you think of another thing I should try? I realize that the main point is for them to have fun and just play. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to go to pgc prep school.thanks again and any pointers will be well received. Jill

    • Hi Jill, I am happy to hear you all are enjoying KTTG. You are the kind of people we pictured helping when we built this. First, bigger better taller faster stronger competition is the only way really take your game to another level. So that is actually a good thing for him. I have few ideas though with that being said to keep it fun for everyone. One idea might be vary the types of one on one games, we have several videos on one on one games. Another thought is to vary the scoring methodology, perhaps you lose points for bad shots or get double points for shots after air m’s. The possibilities are endless. I also think getting some more people in the mix might be more fun and more challenging and more game like for all of them, maybe you could expand your group? Lastly, though scoring is a part of the game there are a million other ways to find both tangible and intangible feedback on your development as a player and a person. Young athletes usually enjoy that part of the game once educated about it. Let me know if you have other question, concerns or ideas. You are the heart of what we do, thanks for reaching put and happy fourth! Emily

  2. Thanks Emily for the response. I’ll revisit those one on one games you have and think how to change scoring to make it more fun. Enjoy your fourth as well. Jill

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