Go Deep


If you like what you hear and see on this blog and you want more of it, here are some options.

  1. You can read books by Dick DeVenzio.  Download a chapter from There’s Only One Way To Win and start digging deeper now.

  2. You can engage with like-minded people here on the Keys to the Gym Blog.  If you have questions, comments, requests, reflections, or anything you’d like to share, go right ahead.  Use the comments section or send an email, and a real live human being will respond to you.

4 comments on “Go Deep

  1. Dan Slain (Observing Coach)

    I like it…I love it…I want more of it! The Keys to the Gym site is a deep well of basketball knowledge from Point Guard College and a golden resource of invaluable information on how to become a complete player and also a better coach, but more importantly, a better person for being associated with the outstanding leaders and the solid support team at PGC! Thank You again for keeping this “river” of basketball education, inspiration and motivation flowing! I’m excited to come back again in 2012 for my fourth Summer in a row at a PGC course and I’m looking forward to reconnecting there with the PGC Team of All-Stars!

    • Hi Dan, I really appreciate you taking the time to share all of that. Thank you. I like you phase-ology, “river of basketball education” and I am honored to contribute to it. Dena and the whole PGC legacy and team are a special group. I know they’ll be thrilled to see you back this summer. Please continue to share your thoughts and feedback in the site. Every member of the PGC community has richness to bring to the table. Thank you Dan!

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