3 comments on “Run Through The Ball

  1. This is a really good point! This is one of the basics of basketball and even though it seems so little, it actually plays a really big role in games! I don’t know how many kids I have seen get the ball taken away from them because they just stand and wait for the ball, you should be in constant motion when you play basketball, and that includes when passing!!

    • Hi Kate, great to hear from you! The simple little things that Dick and Dena teach, and are now taught by PGC Basketball, is exactly the stuff that really matters in playing game of basketball. What brings you to KTTG? Thanks again for commenting.

    • Well my twin brother and I big play basketball, soccer, and baseball / softball! So we are definitely athletes, and basketball is our favorie sport. We both play on school teams and AAU or travel/all-star teams. Our parents decided to create a regulation sized half court at our house so that we could practice during the summer, we all discovered this blog and program that talked about basketball and teaches and educates athletes to go up and beyond to the next level of play!

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