2 comments on “Energy Goes Where Attention Flows (from Dena)

  1. When I first heard this at an Advanced Concepts session in 2008 it completely changed my awareness as to what was missing in my approach. My habit was and still is to an extent to focus my thoughts on the negative or what went wrong instead of the positive and what’s right. I now have this weapon in my tool box to combat those negative thoughts, I can now CHOOSE to place my thoughts and energy toward the positive. Thank you Dena!

  2. To me, as an analytic type, it is a matter of balance. I do not see how one improves without putting some attention on mistakes and things that are wrong. Some attention, not all, not even most. But some. Otherwise, when does it simply become wishful thinking?

    To grow, you need to make mistakes and learn from them, but also, put them behind you and move on to the next rep, the next play, the next game.

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