3 comments on “Stuff Great Basketball Players Should Think About Dreams vs. Goals

  1. Since everyone will not have the same dream, as defined here, is pursuing the dream ultimately selfish?

  2. Hi Bill, I always appreciate your thoughtful reflections. Thank you for commenting. I think this is a philosophical quandary. Can we do anything that is completely self-less? And is self-sacrifice really the ultimate in giving? I read a book called “The Compassionate Instinct”, which was great! One of the points it makes is that evolutionarily compassion has a place, it is not simply survival of the fittest. Animals display compassion in times when it doesn’t serve their personal well-being most…so, the question is why? The book poses the answer that compassion actually makes the giver of it feel better(physically and emotionally); so even compassion is self-serving. But that doesn’t make it not beneficial to those around them, right? If I enjoy making cookies for my family and then serve them to them, they still get to enjoy them. So to me the idea of the dream that Dena is referring to is to get away from tangible traditional ideas of success and access the intangible feelings we’re searching for. Which often includes us wanting to feel good, that part is easy but how is tricky. Anyhow, I would much rather have teammates focused on how they want to feel and interact with one another (dreams) than how many points we score, or worse how many points they individually score (goals). I think the dream is full of the self in the sense of authenticity and sincerity, and often dreams involved others like a sense of team unity and togetherness…which again, I’d love to be around. Do you have any further thoughts Bill, or anyone else? The beauty of all of this to me lies in the conversation, so I hope you’ll continue it!

  3. “Goals”, because they tend to be tangible, are easier to share among a group of people. What makes a goal worthwhile is the goal itself: there are selfish goals and shared ones. (And there are times selfish goals are fine–getting an A on an exam). Like goals, dreams can be selfish or not. Getting a great feeling from scoring fifty points in a game, even at the expense of teammates’ dreams or at the expense of victory, is hollow. So if we’re going to talk about dreams, part of the discussion has to be about the “quality” of the dream.

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