7 comments on “Watch and Learn; A Guide to Watching March Madness for the Student of the Game

  1. Thanks for sharing Emily! Lots of subtleties for coaches and players to look for while they watch the tournament…it’s even a great reminder for those of us who teach these things.

    Mano Watsa

  2. Two things have stood out to me so far. One is the number of offensive fouls being committed. The announcers of course are blaming it on the arc under the basket that makes it easier for the officials to make the call. I see that too many players that are attacking the basket out of control, jumping off one foot and HOPING, something good happens. As we know the best way to demonstrate control and avoid the offensive foul is using the dynamic jump stop and finishing off two feet.

    That leads to the other thing that has stood out to me and it was the play by Peyton Siva of Louisville in the final minute of their game against New Mexico. With the Lobos on a run late in the game Siva drove the lane and engaged not two but four defenders, but instead of jumping off one foot used a nice little jump stop, peeked then found his big man Dieng for a slam dunk as he cut to the basket thus sealing the win for Louisville. I have watched Louisville several times this year and have seen Siva do this quite often. It is no wonder that he was named Big East Tourney MVP.

    • Hi Coach Jimmy J, hearing from people like you makes this blog really come to life. Thank you! When you know what to look for the games become that much more interesting and enjoyable. Those are both great points to support HuPPPPy (and how to take advantage when others don’t!). I would love to hear more from others about what they are watching and noticing in the tournament, the PGC like subtitles of the game. PLEASE CONTINUE THIS CONVERSATION! Thank you all!

    • Really great observations, Coach. There’s so much younger players can learn from observation, if they make the time to do it (“put down he Xbox”) and have pointers on how to do it. Most players (and some coaches) don’t seem to understand this kind of observation (as opposed to highlight real plays and Xs and Os observation).

      • Thanks for chiming in Bill, your participation in KTTG has been awesome. I love the suggestions in your email. We will try to bring some of them to life! Thanks again!

  3. http://youtu.be/Td9FpWY0RkA Here is a link to a play that demonstrates why going off two is beneficial. Oladipo is extremely athletic but struggled during this game and has struggled for the last few games finishing at the rim. Here late in the game at a crucial point he goes off two absorbs the contact and gets the and1.

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