2 comments on “Coach DV on Excellence and Consistency

  1. Dan Slain (Observing Coach)

    Being born and raised in Pittsburgh, I had the pleasure of watching Coach DV’s 1967 Ambridge team go undefeated and win the state title that year. It was a team loaded with Division 1 talent: Dick DeVenzio (Duke); Dennis Wuycik (North Carolina) and Frank Kaufmann (Purdue). But what impressed me the most as a fan and what motivated me the most as a high school player at that time while watching this juggernaut beat opponent after opponent that season, was how poised and in total control on the court the point guard (Dick DeVenzio) was for the Ambridge H.S. team. They were an outstanding team, but Dick DeVenzio made his teammates even better as their leader. Even though he was not tall in size, Dick DeVenzio always played “BIG” in “BIG” games because he was always one step ahead of his opponent….not only because he was quick off the dribble, but most importantly, because he was also mentally quick and his basketball savvy always put him one step ahead as well. Dick DeVenzio was born to play and to teach the game of basketball. He was the epitome of what a point guard should be and the “gold standard” by which other PG’s were measured during his playing days at Ambridge H.S. and at Duke University and the way he played the PG position still holds true today 45 years later. It’s great to see Dick DeVenzio’s legacy and his teachings carried on by Dena, Mano and the entire PGC team as they teach and inspire players who aspire to become complete players in the game of basketball.

    • Hi Dan, what a great story. I hope everyone takes the time to read this. I love what you said about poise, its huge and something that comes from thoughtful mental preparation and development. I also appreciated what you said about the timelessness of Dick’s approach to the game of basketball. There are millions of coaches, camps, and books but few last into as many generations as Dick’s has. That says something. And I am certainly honored to be a part of it. Thank you for your thoughtful response Dan.

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