4 comments on “Typical Ways to Score Against a Zone

  1. It’s not a coincidence that “Typical Ways to Score Against a Zone” are also so simple … Simple concepts that teach kids how to play … I wish more coaches would teach like this instead of teaching plays (that usually don’t work).

    • Hi Rakesh, this is what Dick, Dena and PGC’s teaching are about…not learning plays, but how to play. Thanks, always love hearing from you. Plays are youth coaches instant gratification where teaching how to play is unending process that take a lot more time and energy, but the rewards last so much longer.

  2. Think through-post reversals (“flings”) are underutilized, who tend to look more for the dump down or in this era of three-point shooters, the relocate and kick. A good response to a team looking for the relocate and kick (by keeping the perimeter defender on the guard or wing) is to have the passer cut to the basket. Of course, what might screw this up is the location of the other post player: it works best in a four-out offense or in a three-out offense when the other post player is opposite side.

    • Hi Bill, I agree. Moving the ball, makes defenses move which is create break downs. Like Dick says, most defenses are tough in the first five seconds…ball reversals fatigue that D which can create break downs too. Lastly, I’ve heard Dean talk about the more ball reversals you have the harder you are to guard. Good teams move themselves and the ball.

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