2 comments on “Shot Selection; The Daily Conversation With Your Teammates

  1. Good points, though I think practices are better than pick-up games (where everybody wants to jack up bad shots). Smart coaching helps, too, NOT like the coach who told the most notorious “black hole” player on one of my daughter’s teams: “Play selfish.” Great, you should have been the results of that game.

  2. Hi Bill, I think that concern you speak to is exactly why pick up so important. Good teams play great pick up. Even young teams (high school or lower), if a team cannot play hard and smart with there coach not around then there is likely too much ground for the coach to make up in a season’s practice time. The quality of pick up is largely influenced by the team’s spirit and the leadership on that team.

    On the other hand, I agree about the black hole being frustrating. There is a book titled something like this “Everyone hates a ball hog but loves a scorer” which is an interesting idea. Regardless though, ball hogs and black holes are a part of the game. So how do we handle it? I think the conversations that Dena is referring to in this clip are a good place to start. Particularly from a players perspective.

    Thanks for the conversation Bill!

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