One comment on “Fake for an Advantage

  1. Bobby Knight has a great quote, “The most underutilized weapon in basketball is the shot fake.”

    In so many ways, basketball is a game of deception. Good players are very deceptive and understand that to “sell” a fake, it has to look like the real thing.

    Shot fakes need to look like …. shots!

    Pass fakes need to look like … passes!

    Fake spins need to look like … spins!

    Good players understand this but great players take deception to the next level of instantly reading and reacting to the defense. They don’t pre-determine what they are going to do (e.g “on my next touch, I am going to shot fake and drive to the basket”) .

    Great players start to shoot with the full intention of shooting and If the defender overreacts, the shot motion instintively turns into a shot fake.

    Great prlayers start to pass with the full intention of passing and if the defense overplays the pass, the passing motion instinctively turns into a pass fake.

    This is why great players like Kobe and D-Rose seem so creative — because they themselves don’t know what they are going to do until they read what the defense gives them in that split-second instant and then make the necessary adjustments.

    Fakes for great players are not predetermined, they are reactions … which is why their fakes look so real.

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