5 comments on “Baseline Drives

  1. I think it would be interesting to do a quick survey here of how many teams practice cutting off the baseline and taking baseline charges with either on ball or help defenders. I know I practiced this everyday in shell drill at high school and most days at Baylor too. Do you practice this often? Chance are we all do, which is great reason to avoid these baseline drives. Also, notice the “baseline” element. You can go baseline side, but you should be going straight to the rim not dancing in the manure strip asking for trouble.

  2. My son’s high school man philosphy is to force baseline with all the rotations that Dena describes. I put the same defense in with my 8th grade AAU last year with very good results.

  3. From a defensive perspective, I think most teams are going to invite the corner 3 (tough shot) or the baseline floater (another tough shot). From an offensive perspective, if you can perfect the corner 3 or baseline floater and essentially “take what most defenses will give you” … you could become a very successful offensive player.

    • Interesting thoughts Rakesh, I think you are right that a floater is tough shot…hard to make and hard to guard. I would hope that players would choose to make smart play a habit rather than spending a lot energy and time perfecting floater so they are hard to guard. It’s one thing for an NBA player to shoot a float, though I am not a fan of it you can’t deny players like Dirk are dangerous with it….however, I will never teach or encourage a college or high school player to shoot a floater. And back to the Dirk example, as we watch him play we should remember that his basketball up bringing in Europe with Holger was so different from anything an American kid would experience. Dirk didn’t just decide to add floaters and fade aways and other off balance shots to his game, its how he learned to shoot and trains to shoot still. Thanks for the conversation, makes this so much more engaging!

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