5 comments on “Handling Referees

  1. To me, the key sentence in this excellent post is:

    “If you are in the habit of questioning the referee’s calls, he is certainly going to want to show you that he knows what he is doing.”

    … and questioning the referee’s calls can be both verbal and non-verbal (rolling your eyes or throwing your arms up in exasperation or whining facial expressions, etc.)

      • I am not sure where I remember this from (probably a PGC Session!) but >90% of all communication is non-verbal. How you stand, facial expressions, eyes, how you carry yourself, etc. Refs know when you are dissing them, even if you don’t say anything.

        If you disagree with a call, forget it, animate and move on. it is a part of the positive “Mistake Response” preached by PGC.

  2. … or even things you say to your coach or teammates (“that was not a foul!”) that the ref overhears.

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